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Cloud Computing: Not just for Geeks anymore!

The Cloud is no longer just IT vernacular in the CIOs domain; ever
growing numbers of CEOs, CFOs and COOs recognize it as an excellent business tool.

Here is a quote from David Tapper, IDC’s vice president of outsourcing and offshore services and market research (11/12/2012), “As the U.S. cloud services market continues to mature, enterprises are finding that overall business impact and productivity gains from the Cloud are as significant as the cost reductions.”

Another quote, this one from a recent Gartner report, is “Innovation in the Cloud Computing environment will continue to bring changes to business processes.” Then there is “Cloud decisions are no longer in the IT department’s hands – the suits have taken over” from a new Capgemini report on ZDNet (12/01/2012).

This growing perception also crosses the Pond to the UK and Europe, as evidenced by this quote from Ron Tolido, senior vice president for Continental Europe at Capgemini (11/10/2012), “In total, 89% of UK firms agree that the economic climate is driving the move to the cloud, citing … moving into emerging markets and territories (53%) and … deploying new applications (23%)” as the decision drivers.

The common thread in all these quotations is that the billowing Cloud activity is on the business horizon. Business leaders realize how it can be a powerful tool to solve the actual issues, challenges and competitive agility needs raging in today’s global marketplace and environment.

Galvanizing your business to grow profitable revenue in these challenging economic times makes it essential that business leaders increase their knowledge and understanding of the business issues, realities, decision criteria, data security essentials and other problems that need to be confronted, understood and solved and how Cloud Computing will help!