David Wesley Tonkin
South-Eastern PA

Bio: David Wesley Tonkin is a recognized and award winning entrepreneurial training thought leader and strategist. He is practiced in identifying critical knowledge and skill needs and initiating ingenious time- and cost-effective learning solutions that energize and boost employee and organizational performance. David is the Chief Operating Officer of The EMAC Group LLC. In prior assignments David was the Vice-President of The Purposeful Clouds Inc. training academy and Director of Training Design and Development for the Unisys Corporation’s Technology Consulting and Information Systems business unit. In 2008 David and his team were honored with the “Excellence and Innovation in Corporate Learning” Award at the 9th Annual Corporate University Xchange Awards. This coveted and prestigious worldwide award is co-sponsored by The Wharton School of Business and Training Magazine. David’s passion for business training time, cost and leaning effectiveness will continuously ensure that the themes and philosophies in his "Tonkin's Training Topics" series of blogs will always be relatable to the world of enterprise reality. David's "Food for Thought" blogs are commentaries, reflections and opinions on the vagaries of today's culture. Drawing from many years of global travel, David has enjoyed and embraced a rich and varied tapestry of experiences to fuel the eclectic range of topical coverage in these blogs.

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